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Washington Post buries its own poll! Trump beats Hillary, but magicians at the Post make it go away

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The Washington Post clearly lost its collective head when Donald Trump came out ahead of Hillary Clinton in its latest poll.

But, the liberals at the Post marched forward with a plan.

“Poll: Election 2016 shapes up as a contest of negatives,” is the headline the Post choose rather than mentioning the fact that Trump gained 11 points to overcome a double-digit Clinton lead from its previous poll.

In fact, it went so far as to not even mention that Trump came out ahead in the poll for a full five paragraphs.

Writers, Dan Balz and Scott Clement, followed it with a paragraph to assuage their Democrat biased minds.

Nonetheless, Clinton is rated ahead of Trump across a range of attributes and issues, and she is seen as having superior experience, temperament and personality to be president. Trump is viewed as unqualified by a majority of adults, but he has strong appeal to voters as the ­anti-Clinton candidate who can bring change to Washington in an election year in which outsiders have thrived.

The Post even conducted a poll to see what would happen in a three-way race that included Mitt Romney to highlight division in the Republican Party.

Interestingly, they didn’t do a poll on what would happen in a three-way race that included Bernie Sanders.

Liberal spin at its most blatant.

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Carmine Sabia


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