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Hillary rejects that Bernie is helping Trump by staying in race, then Trump offered his theory . . .

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Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton dismissed the idea that rival Bernie Sanders is inadvertently helping Donald Trump by staying in the presidential race.

Speaking with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Clinton said Sanders “has every right to finish off his campaign however he chooses.”

Clinton seemed confident of winning the Democratic Party nomination and spoke about unifying the Party to fight Trump in the general election. “People have voted for me overwhelmingly in the Democratic primary process,” she said.

She emphasized that, as a candidate, she has “been vetted and tested” more than Sanders, and has experience that he does not. “Let me say that I don’t think he’s had a single negative ad ever run against him,” she said.

Looking ahead to securing the nomination, Clinton said she would be reaching out to Sanders in an effort to defeat Trump. “Certainly we’re going to talk with him when he’s ready to talk and listen to him and we will take into account what he is asking for,” she said.

“I am reaching out to do my part to try and unify the party,” Clinton said.  “I expect him to do the same.”

Though Clinton did not appear threatened by Sanders, she will probably not be a fan of Trump’s latest theory on the Vermont senator’s campaign.

In a Twitter post on Sunday, the presumptive GOP nominee said Sanders is still in the race because he believes Clinton will eventually be forced to drop out due to her email controversy and the ongoing investigation.

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 Video from NBC/Meet the Press.



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