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Baby goats are brought in to de-stress California university ‘cupcakes’ preparing for mid-terms

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Ten baby goats were brought to California Polytechnic State University to help students de-stress during midterms.


Reminiscent of a toddler’s petting zoo, Cal Poly cupcakes flocked to the Robert E. Kennedy Library to see the kids — baby goats — and escape the harsh realities of the real world, better known as mid-term finals, The Tribune reported.

It’s not clear how acting like preschoolers prepares students for real life.

“Seeing these students who we see in the library stressing about homework or tests come out and be so excited about the goats is wonderful,” said Take5 committee chair Conny Liegl. “They’re always like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing!’”

According to their webpage, Take 5 is “an outreach program that creates and facilitates positive, stress-relieving initiatives, activities and events in the library helping students to manage and reduce excessive stress, particularly in preparation for and during examination periods.”

The goats are owned by students and their families who plan to show them at the California Mid-State Fair in July and the library brings them in not only to help de-stress students, but to help the goats get accustomed to interacting with people, according to the Tribune.

Liegal said the committee also brings in cats and dogs for stress relief, but the goats are always more popular.

“I think it’s because there is a little bit of a freak factor,” she said.

Tasha Haddad, a second-year biology student holding a 2-month-old goat named Sage, agreed that they do relieve stress.

“I was just coming to be tortured in the library, but then I saw a goat, and it made my day,” she said. “It feels amazing. It’s so sweet — it’s like falling asleep on me.”

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