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6-year-old girl viciously attacked in school bathroom–but check out the chilling suspect

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A 6-year-old Georgia girl was on the receiving end of a vicious attack in her school’s bathroom.

The alleged perpetrator of the assault was another girl twice her age, according to WXIA.

The young girl was choked and had her head shoved in the toilet several times until a teacher ran in after hearing a commotion, according to WXIA.

Cheryl Tackett, the victim’s mother, said she warned the school that the fifth grader who attacked her daughter was a danger last week.

Now, the family said, they are pulling all of their children out of the school.

“I just started crying,” Tackett said, describing the moment she heard what happened to her daughter Lanira. “I couldn’t do anything but cry.”

“She was choking her, and banging her head viciously on the toilet, and covering her mouth,” the mother said.

Tackett said the attack was premeditated.

“The girl said she wanted to talk to my daughter,” she told WXIA. “She pulled her into the bathroom and proceeded with the attack.”

Tackett said she informed the school last week that the fifth grader threatened to fight her daughter last week on the school bus but nothing was done.

“She (Lanira) goes to describe it, but she can’t really finish because she cries,” she said. “She’s traumatized. She doesn’t want to go in bathrooms by herself.”

The fifth grader was charged in juvenile court on Thursday.

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