Mitt Romney’s out: Crumbling ‘Stop Trump’ movement comes to embarrassing halt, according to report

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Well this is embarrassing.

In an exclusive report by Yahoo News, Mitt Romney advisers admitted that the former republican presidential nominee is done with his hands on efforts within the slowly crumbling ‘Never Donald Trump’ movement.

A source close to Romney told Yahoo News in an email that Romney “is not now engaged in an effort to recruit a third-party candidate.”

Romney has apparently ruled out an independent run, himself, and is no longer helping to recruit potential third-party nominees, which he was working on with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and RedState’s Erick Erickson.

According to the report:

And while Romney remains “motivated to help the ‘stop Trump’ cause,” a person involved in the stop-Trump discussions said that Romney is not calling or emailing any of the people who are still considering a run. A few potential candidates remain, the source said, although none at the moment are “live prospects.”

“He thinks someone should run. That’s his role. That’s the beginning and end of it,” the Romney adviser said. “Is he organizing it? No. But he has talked to people who have thought about it.”


Advisers say that Romney “feels like America hangs in the balance. He’s very distraught about [Trump]. He thinks Trump is this vulgar, dangerous, principle-less, value-less opportunist — putting it mildly.”

Since Trump became the presumptive nominee of the republican party, Romney and ‘Never Trump’ allies have struggled to persuade voters to avoid Trump.

A recent NBC News poll showed some 58 percent of republican voters want GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump to lead the party, as opposed to only 39 percent who said they trust Paul Ryan to lead the party.

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