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Ivanka Trump was ‘bothered’ by NY Times smear campaign – here’s what she did about it

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“I found it to be pretty disturbing…”

Those were the words Ivanka Trump used to describe a New York Times article about her father, Donald Trump, designed to smear the candidate’s reputation with women, something she says is untrue, during an interview with CBS News.

“I found it to be pretty disturbing, based on the facts as I know them, and obviously I very much know them,” Ivanka said of the media hit piece. “I was bothered by it, but it’s largely been discredited since.”

“I think in this case, they went so far,” Ivanka said. “They had such a strong thesis and created facts to reinforce them. I think that narrative has been playing out now and there’s backlash on it in that regard.”

“I’m not in every interaction with my dad, but he’s not a groper,” Ivanka said when pressed by CBS News about an accusation made by a former Trump employee quoted in the New York Times piece. “It’s not who he is.”

Ivanka went on to say all of the achievements of women within the Trump organization, which are largely due to her father, that the New York Times piece conveniently left out.

“He was promoting women in development and construction at a time when it was unheard of,” said Ivanka. “There was no trend towards equality in the real estate and construction industry back in the 1980’s. He was doing it because he believes ultimately in merit.”

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