Absolut vodka is selling more than alcohol in new ads – did they go way too far?

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Absolut Vodka released new commercials last week selling their product and a politically correct agenda.

In one of four commercials for its #AbsolutNights campaign the Swedish company told a story of a woman who was waiting for friends but found something else.

Titled “Blue” the ad finds the woman stood up by her friends but spots another woman at an outdoor party.

They laugh, dance, party, drink vodka and hang out all night.

The commercial closes with the new lesbian couple, who just for good measure is interracial, kissing.

Not to be outdone, the second commercial, titled “Darla,” raises the bar of pushing alternative lifestyles.

A man, again at an outdoor party, runs into his old friend Dave who is now thinks he is a transgender woman.

“I just listened and somehow I understood,” the man said as he described their night together which, naturally, included copious amounts of Absolut Vodka.

“She talked about her journey. She was my friend. The same person, the same heart,” he proclaimed. “She hadn’t changed. I had.”


Then again when you drink as much vodka as they did in these commercials perhaps everything seems normal.

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Carmine Sabia


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