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Nancy Pelosi, blinded by Trump, makes crazy ‘guarantee’ she can’t possibly make good on

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Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called her shot, but is anyone listening?

In an appearance on Kara Swisher’s “Recode” podcast, the California Democrat seemed at least as confident as all the other analysts, commentators, and politicos who have predicted Donald Trump’s failure. “You know what, he’s not going to be president … Donald Trump is not going to be president of the United States. Take it to the bank. I guarantee it.

In a nod to soul-sister Hillary Clinton, Pelosi insists that “our nominee, whoever ‘she’ may be,” will take the debate to a “whole new level” and crush the racist, sexist evildoers, or something along those lines.

While speaking of Trump as a “here today, gone tomorrow candidate for President,” Pelosi attempted to paint the Republican presumptive nominee in the same light as Congressional Republicans who have spoken to the same issues Trump has addressed, even those currently distancing themselves from him because they are appalled at “gambling” or some other moral failing.

According to Pelosi, even before Trump came on the scene Congressional leaders like Speaker Ryan have long “tolerated horrible statements … some of them worse than Donald Trump, without even commenting,” because they get votes in conservative districts.

So, why are the ones who are against Trump complaining now? Pelosi thinks it’s because they know that “brand Trump” is going to be tattooed all over the country “outside of those southern districts and some of those rural districts where this white male, whatever it is, prevails.”

The host was kind enough to fill in Pelosi’s “whatever it is” with the correct word – “anger.”

Watch the exchange below:

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Scott Morefield


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