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How much is Planned Parenthood willing to spend to stop Donald Trump? More than you think

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Planned Parenthood really fears a Donald Trump presidency.

It’s no surprise that volunteers with the country’s largest abortion provider would name-call the presumptive GOP nominee using words like “*sshole,” “racist,” “chauvinist” and “dangerous.”

But, what’s shocking is how much Planned Parenthood is willing to spend to stop Trump.

In a Huffington Post report, Planned Parenthood admits that it is about to spend the most money it’s ever spent in its history to make sure Trump never makes it into the White House.

Close to $30 million is being eyed for a full-fledged 2016 campaign against the New York businessman versus his likely competitor Hillary Clinton, a staunch advocate for Planned Parenthood receiving nearly $500 million a year in federal funding.

Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards is taking the ‘Trump is anti-woman’ narrative to an entire new level, saying women should not be trusting Trump with their lives.

“We cannot trust Donald Trump with our lives, and we can’t trust him with our future and we can’t trust our country in his hands,” said Richards. “He seems to live in a world where bullying and stoking fear and anger is the only way to get ahead and where cutting down others is the only way to get on top. And for us, that’s all too familiar how that feels.”

Trump has stated that he wants to end those federal funds, which is now prompting Planned Parenthood to target supposed “swing woman” voters who will decide their vote off issues like abortion.

Of course, the Clinton campaign is not officially coordinating with the Planned Parenthood campaign against Trump, but they are certainly embracing it.

“Every election has stakes. This one has some serious stakes, ya’ll,” said Clinton campaign adviser Marlon Marshall to the Huffington Post. “Serious stakes. I’m just going to say it again: Donald Trump. If those are not stakes, I don’t know what else is.”

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