Megyn Kelly reveals how close she really got to Donald Trump: ‘I shoved my hands up in that’

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“I have run my fingers through it.”

During a late night talk show game with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Fox News host Megyn Kelly revealed what she once did to Donald Trump’s famous hairdo.

Kelly defended Trump’s hair as being 100 percent real, despite critics saying it’s the product of a hairpiece or even a comb-over. Kelly said that’s not the case, however.

“I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally,” Kelly said. “That is not a wig, and it’s not a comb-over, either.”

“I have run my fingers through it. We used to get along,” Kelly continued. “I stuck my hands under there, I shoved my hands up in that hair and that’s real.”

Kelly went on to tell Cohen that Sean Hannity could be a little more balanced in his commentary, after being asked if the Fox News channel was as “fair and balanced” as it said it was.

“I wouldn’t say Hannity is the most fair and balanced guy,” said Kelly. “He’s a conservative commentator. But he doesn’t purport to be, so it’s OK.”

Watch the interview segment here:

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