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Donald Trump’s former female execs tell two very different stories – hear them both

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Two female former-Trump executives spoke out in the wake of a controversial New York Times piece that portrayed the billionaire business mogul as a raging sexist.

Barbara Res was featured in the Times article and joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Monday to back the claims made by the article. Res worked for Trump for 18 years as vice president in charge of construction at Trump Tower and claimed she saw a change in Trump over time.

“Slowly but surely, he started saying more things that surprised me, up to this day,” Res said. “The women in the office; he would look at them, a little bit, like a leering kind of thing.”  When asked to expand on her comments, the Hillary Clinton-backing Res referenced the New York Times piece, saying Trump had made comments on women’s weight.

Senada Adzem, former vice president at Trump International, on the other hand, said in the world of working with the ultra rich, looking your best comes with the territory. Adzem had nothing but praise for Trump and called him “extraordinarily professional.”

Kelly pressed Adzem, asking if she ever experienced any kind of sexism or special treatment from Trump.

“Absolutely not,” Adzem said. “It was equal opportunity in that, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, regardless of where you came from, what mattered to Mr. Trump, were results.”

“He was very tough but he was fair,” Adzem said.

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