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Internet thinks it’s found time traveler at 1995 Mike Tyson fight due to what fan holds up

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So a guy is captured on video at a Mike Tyson fight recording the bout on a smartphone… no big deal, right?

The only problem is that the fight took place on August 19, 1995 and today’s age of the smart phone began in earnest when the iPhone was released to the public on June 29, 2007.

(Technically speaking, the iPhone was not the first smartphone, but the Apple product unquestionably redefined the smartphone.)

A close up of the video certainly appears to show a smartphone, so how is this possible? There’s been a lot of tongue-in-cheek speculation that we have a time traveler in our midst.



The folks over at Uproxx have a possible answer:

Unfortunately for those who think there are shenanigans afoot, the person behind this video and the fine folks at Metro think they have an answer to this question. Sadly, no one went back in space and time to a random Tyson fight…probably. Instead, their answer is that some digital cameras looked like this back in the day.


Should this be wrong and a time traveler does exist, Uproxx’s Bill DeFilippo has a suggestion: Look forward, not back.

“So if you’re the person with the smartphone in this video, do us a favor and go into the future next time,” DeFilippo wrote. “We really want to know if the Floyd Mayweather v. Conor McGregor superfight actually happens, and also if you can hook me up with the Powerball numbers for every week from now until 2050, that would be awesome.”

See what you think.

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