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If Hillary thought she’d get a free pass at CNN, Jake Tapper just burned that myth to the ground

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper made it clear to any skeptics out there that when it comes to likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, there will be no kid-glove treatment.

Tapper joined up with FactCheck.org to delve into comments Clinton has made in defense of her email practices and no one will mistake the outcome as a free pass.

The first claim that fell to the wayside was that Clinton was “absolutely permitted” to use a private email server for official state business while serving as secretary of state.

“Was Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business while she was secretary of state ‘absolutely permitted?’” Tapper asked. “No — that’s not true.”

“She says that because she permitted herself and there was no one absolutely prohibiting her,” he added.

Another claim shot down was that Clinton adhered to federal regulations requiring emails sent and received outside the government system to be preserved before she left office.

“Clinton did not provide the State Department with the emails from her private server until 21 months after she left office,” Tapper said.

The CNN anchor also noted that a federal judge in a lawsuit involving Clinton’s emails said she “failed to follow government policy on preserving federal records.”

“In the end,” Tapper concluded, “Clinton’s exclusive use of her private email server for the people’s business was definitely unusual, it was definitely discouraged and she did not comply with government regulations when it came to preserving government records.”


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Tom Tillison


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