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Philly man mercilessly beats woman for 20 min in street; video of bystanders’ behavior shocks cops

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Thursday, a woman was brutally beaten on the streets of a major city while onlookers watched or went about their business like what was happening within their eyesight was nothing more than a fender bender or other minor disturbance.

What city, you ask, is full of citizens who would sanction such barbarity? There’s no excuse wherever it is, but surely we’re talking about some remote population center in Malaysia or Somalia, right?

Sadly, this atrocity happened in the good old U S of A, on the 200 block of Ontario Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While a crowd of people watched, an onlooker shot a video, obtained by Fox 29, of the woman being repeatedly and savagely beaten by a shirtless man. The man who shot the video didn’t want his face shown, but told Fox 29, “The guy was actually on top of the girl– just beating on her. I did hear a commotion earlier. I didn’t pay no mind and then I came out and the guy was on top of the girl.”

The witness said the beating continued for 20 to 30 minutes. When asked if anyone tried to help, he answered, “No one, just bystanders, smiling laughing. Just standing around like a normal day, like nothing was even happening.”

Why didn’t the video taker jump in and help? “I didn’t want to jump in and be a hero and just get hurt you know. It’s bad out here.”

According to reporters, police were called to the scene after the beating was over. The man wasn’t detained after he told them that the female assaulted him.

The victim is in the hospital.

It seems that in America the age of chivalry is long gone.

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Scott Morefield


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