‘Jackass’ star Bam makes painful admission on-air that is bringing some people to tears

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Sometimes it’s tough love that is needed to break through to someone with destructive habits.

On VH1’s “Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn,” the parents of Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera had to face the fact that they had been enablers in their son’s reckless behavior, as seen in an “Us Weekly” clip from the May 11 episode.

Dr. Jenn Mann spoke to parents April and Phil about the importance of taking a tough stance and letting the 36 year-old dig himself out of the messes he creates.

“We are both damage control, you and I,” April told Phil, “and honestly, if he doesn’t have to pay the consequences for the s–t that he starts, he’s gonna keep doing it, because he never has to clean it up.”

Margera’s parents admitted that they “tiptoe on eggshells” around their son to avoid setting him off. “If he came in drinking,” said his mother, “you totally don’t want to upset him because if you do, the entire house will be smashed.”

His father noted that it has been difficult to say no to his son when he calls for help. “He calls up screaming saying ‘Take care of it.’ So what are you gonna do?” he said. “Here’s what you do,” replied Dr. Jenn, simulating speaking into a telephone. “You’re a grown man, you can take care of it yourself. Click.”

Margera, a professional skateboarder and filmmaker, is known for his appearance on MTV’s “Jackass” show and movies. He also appeared in his own MTV series entitled “Viva La Bam” which ran from 2003–2005.

He opened up in a previous “Family Therapy” episode, admitting he had increased his drinking binges following the death of his close friend Ryan Dunn in 2011 to a drunk-driving accident. “It just seems like everything at one point came crashing down,” Margera said in the Us sneak peak from the April 13 episode. “That’s when it wasn’t even drinking for the fun or for the social part of it. It was just drinking because [of] total depression, kinda.”

Holding back tears, Margera agreed with Jenn’s assessment that the death of his friend and “Jackass” collaborator led to a turning point in his own life after the downward spiral.

“Just the fact of just being completely lost. Like, ‘Everything sucks, and the only thing that doesn’t suck is this bottle of Johnnie Walker,'” he said recounting how he struggled to cope with Dunn’s untimely death.


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Video clip via Us Weekly.


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