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Conservative ‘nails it’ with 2 words he uses to call girls being forced to potty in front of boys

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Conservative commentator Matt Walsh blasted President Obama’s executive overreach in directing public schools across the nation to observe transgender bathroom rules.

Walsh called Obama’s directive “his most strikingly dictatorial and illegitimate action to date,” in a post written for The Blaze, Friday.

Obama’s letter to public schools requiring that they “must allow transgender students access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity” sparked a backlash that caused the White House to clarify the letter as only “guidance” and not the threat perceived.

“It should go without saying that the president is acting far beyond his constitutional authority here,” Walsh wrote, adding that accommodating students who have sexual identity issues at the expense of those who don’t is something more serious.

“To call this simply ‘unconstitutional’ would be a massive understatement,” said Walsh in the Blaze post. “This is something far beyond that. This is utter and complete madness. And it should also be viewed as nothing short of sexual abuse in a sane world.”

Walsh explained that transgenders are “mentally unstable and sexually deviant” by definition and allowing them to make the choice of  which bathroom to use is “incredibly dangerous.”

“Explicitly telling these troubled kids that their desires and fetishes take precedence over the safety and dignity of their female classmates is reckless in the extreme,” wrote Walsh.

“What Obama is doing should be seen as the facilitating of sexual abuse of children.  He is organizing and mandating it. He is requiring it. Same goes for any progressive who advocates these sorts of policies,” said Walsh. “To tell a child she must change or use the toilet in the same room as a mentally ill boy is abuse.”

“Even if no boy, gender confused or otherwise, ever enters a locker room or bathroom with your daughter, the fact remains that she is still subjected to the potential of such a thing happening. The safe and private places she needs and deserves have been taken away from her,” Walsh continued.

“She’s being forced and manipulated into exposing herself in front of boys. How can we call this anything but sexual abuse?” he asked, offering the idea that, for progressives like Obama, the transgender issue is a “calculated ploy.”

“This is about power,” wrote Walsh. “Sexual abuse is always about power.”

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