Phil Robertson gets to bottom of the real problem facing America: ‘Depravity is mainstream’

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Phil Robertson thinks the problems facing America are not political, but spiritual.

The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch weighed in on the presidential race and the state of the nation on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday, stating that it is not a simple political fix for the country.

“The issue in America, in my opinion, is much larger than presidents, prime ministers, kings,” Robertson said. “The issue before us, in my opinion, is a spiritual one.”

“We have a spiritual problem in America,” added Robertson, who was an outspoken supporter of former Republican candidate Ted Cruz, whom he described as a “strict constitutionlaist” and “a Jesus man.”

Though Robertson is now supporting Donald Trump, he was not so sure if the presumptive GOP nominee’s “common sense” is from a spiritual source. He noted that, though politicians can help fix the problems facing the nation, ultimately God is the only solution.

“Depravity is mainstream,” he told host Sean Hannity. “The citizens of America are seeing that and they don’t know what to do about that.”

“God does not come and go like presidents,” Robertson added.  “He’s always there.”

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Video from Fox News.

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