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Ivanka Trump has a message for her father’s detractors — and she’s not about to back down

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Ivanka Trump is fighting back against her father’s haters and media smears.

During an interview at a Forbes Magazine event in New York, Ivanka said her father, Donald Trump, has “elevated” the political discourse in the country, referring to issues like trade and immigration, two of the leading forces of his campaign.

“He’s honest,” Ivanka said. “With him, what you see is what you get – even if you don’t like the topic. I think people respect the fact that he is bold enough. That is something we have never seen in politics.”

“He has elevated – he has created a dialogue around issues, which really is a powerful thing,” she continued. “When you think about leadership it’s setting the agenda, and he has set the agenda on all the issues that were discussed. And I think that is quite powerful.”

Trump’s famous daughter, known for her diplomatic demeanor and elegant style, has been hit with vitriolic attacks herself this election cycle.

After Trump’s presidential announcement speech, in which he denounced the Mexican drug cartels, Ivanka’s Instagram account was flooded with hateful messages, with one user even telling her “I hope El Chapo kidnaps you and your daughter.”

However, Ivanka has managed to stay above the fray of political mud-slinging and personal attacks, saying “On a human level, on a personal level, it can be very difficult and challenging –especially when it’s wrong.”

“And it often is wrong,” Ivanka said. “The positions are often taken by people who don’t know him. But I’m pretty thick skinned.”

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