Ben Carson takes on big new role in Trump campaign–and Republicans are saying it’s perfect

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After proving himself as a trusted adviser to Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson has now taken on a new role in the campaign.

The former Republican candidate, who suspended his campaign in March, helped Trump in the search for potential vice presidents after he endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee. Carson has since delivered a list of picks to Trump according to his campaign manager Armstrong Williams, the Independent Journal Review reported.

Carson’s new task is to unify the Republican Party around “common sense” solutions, according to the Review.

“This is a sea change,” he said. “This is not something we have seen in our lifetimes. Someone who is completely outside the Beltway to come in and win a position of power.”

Skeptical conservatives will eventually come around to the idea of unifying behind Trump, Carson believes, noting that “traditional politicians” are most resistant right now because of the perception of losing power.

“A lot of the fighting is perceived to be greater than it really is.” said the retired neurosurgeon who thinks the battle is more the result of the media’s imagination, according to the Review.

Carson’s new role was apparent in the meeting he helped to arrange between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday.

“I think some of the areas that were thought to be areas of disagreement are not such big areas,” Carson said of the two men, who released a statement after their meeting calling for GOP unity.

With what he sees as a lack of common sense in Washington, Carson said he will work with all groups, not just Trump.

“I will continue to speak out about the issues and try to bring common sense to any discussion,” he said.  “It doesn’t matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in control.”

Carson did not believe that Trump would change significantly in order to garner more votes in the months ahead.

“From my experience with people in general, you can’t just turn it off and on. People are who they are. You’ll continue to see the battling aspect in him,” Carson told the Review.

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