Eric Trump on being raised by Dad: ‘There were no free handouts’

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Donald Trump’s son offered a personal glimpse of what life was like growing up in the Trump household.

Referring to his father as his “best friend,” 32 year-old Eric Trump said he spent a lot of time with the real estate mogul when he was growing up.

“I’d spend literally every minute of free time in his office. I’d be playing with LEGO’s. I mean I was just always around him,” the younger Trump told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File” on Wednesday.

“I have great parents,” he continued, noting that he is also very close to his mother, Donald Trump’s former wife Ivana. “They were parents that made us work. There were no free handouts.”

Trump responded to Kelly’s question about how he is not a “spoiled brat” by recalling being on construction sites with his father at a very young age, using sledgehammers to knock down walls and doing other work.

“He wanted to teach us the trades of what we do every day, which is build great buildings and build great projects,” he said. “And again, if we wanted a bike, we went and bought that bike. If we wanted a fishing rod, we went and bought that fishing rod.”

But the billionaire did spoil his children in one area, his son shared: education.

“He always believed in going to great schools and getting great grades and really taking education very seriously,” Trump remembered.  “But at the same time, he put us to work. There really was no free time.”

Describing his father as having “high expectations” for his children, Trump said he was also “very fair, loving, he was fun,” concluding that father and son share an “amazing relationship.”

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Video from Fox News.


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