Donald said he ‘forgave’ Hillary in 2006, but rest of his statement is what’s really shocking people

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Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s biggest opponent in the race for the White House may turn out to be the candidate himself.

Or at least, his own words.

BuzzFeed was only too happy to remind readers that while Trump is quick to criticize likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for her 2002 vote to authorize the Iraq War, he has previously said the then-New York senator should be forgiven because her vote was based on misinformation.

Not only that, but Trump said at the same time that Clinton might be the next president.

Digging up a 2006 interview Trump did with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, BuzzFeed shared her words:

He thinks John McCain has lost the 2008 election by pushing to send more troops to Iraq but that Hillary should be forgiven for her “horrendous” vote to authorize the war. “Don’t forget that decision was based on lies given to her,” he says. “She’s very smart and has a major chance to be our next president.”


In the same breath when he excused the Democratic lawmaker, Trump eviscerated then-Republican President George W. Bush:

“No matter how long we stay in Iraq, no matter how many soldiers we send, the day we leave, the meanest, most vicious, most brilliant man in the country, a man who makes Saddam Hussein look like a baby, will take over and spit on the American flag,” he says. “Bush will go down as the worst and by far the dumbest president in history.”


BuzzFeed was also quick to draw attention to an interview the real estate tycoon did last week with Fox News’ Bret Baier where he said Clinton “made a mistake” when she voted for the war.

All of which suggests the road to the White House may very well be decided on how successfully “Trump Present” can trump the ghost of “Trump Past.”

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Tom Tillison


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