Dark-haired beauty destroys liberal myths: every interpretation of Islam is wrong–except one

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A popular conservative YouTube vlogger destroyed the left’s idea that there are various interpretations of Islam.

“I don’t have an interpretation of Islam. It doesn’t matter if I did,” Dom the Conservative said. “Moderate Muslim’s interpretation doesn’t matter, your interpretation doesn’t matter, the historians, the researchers, the scholars, ISIS — it doesn’t matter what interpretation of Islam they have.

“There’s only one person in the history of the world whose interpretation matters, and that is Muhammad.”

She explained that Muhammad is the “perfect example” for how Muslims are supposed to live their lives according to Islam.

She went on to describe how Muhammad was chased out of Mecca for being a warmonger and arrived in Medina as a refugee before he eventually gained an army and butchered a peaceful tribe.

The 14-minute video continued to describe stories of rape and slaughter at the hands of Muhammad she said come straight from the Quran.

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Carmine Sabia


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