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Geraldo caught on hot mic trashing Bernie Sanders, immediately starts explaining himself

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Geraldo Rivera is not feeling the Bern.

After winning the West Virginia primary last night against Hillary Clinton, Fox News’ Sean Hannity cut to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ speech, but it was Geraldo who was doing all the talking.

“So annoying – this guy is so annoying,” Rivera said as he didn’t realize his mic was still on.

“Your mic is hot,” Hannity told Rivera, asking him “What are you saying?”

Rivera then started explaining his comment, saying “He’s so annoying. People that think his supporters are going to go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.”

Fox News contributor Eric Bolling then threw some facts about the West Virginia primary at Rivera, citing that he’s most likely wrong about his assertion that Sanders supporters won’t switch to Donald Trump in the general election.

“One of the most important things coming out of tonight, Sean, is not who won West Virginia, not who won Nebraska, the most important thing for me that came out of tonight is that exit polling shows that 43 percent of Bernie Sanders voters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton,” Bolling said.

“That’s a massive number,” he continued. “There’s an opportunity for Donald Trump to take Bernie Sanders voters.”

Watch the hot mic moment here:

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