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Raging rapper says Hillary ‘talks to black people as if we’re pets’; here’s how she would fix that

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In what would certainly make for an interesting gathering of Donald Trump supporters, rapper Azealia Banks endorsed the GOP presumptive nominee Sunday on social media.

The recording artist who not too long ago called for noted Trump supporter Sarah Palin to be gang raped by a group of black men, took to Twitter to express in her own special way her support for the real estate tycoon:

*Caution: Adult Language



Of course, her stance does not reconcile well with a previous comment she made about lighter skinned folks like Trump.

“I hate fat white Americans,” Banks told Playboy Magazine last year. She also took to Tumblr during the Palin controversy to say “f**k whitey.”

In Sunday’s political expose, the recording artist lamented over democratic socialist Bernie Sander’s lack of success in the Democratic primary and disparaged Hillary Clinton, saying she “talks to black people as if we’re children or pets.”

Banks may have also tipped her hand that her support for Trump could be fleeting:

Apparently unaware that most Americans could not care less about her political views, the female rapper rambled on about political correctness, censorship, racism and “white socio-normative behaviors.” Banks also appeared to take exception to capitalism, not that she offered to return the wealth it has provided her.

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