This middle school is thinking WAY outside the box to reduce bad behavior – and it’s working!

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Typically, getting in big trouble at school means a misbehaving student might get a few days off to “chill” at home. They call it “suspension,” and since it basically means a “suspension” of boring school activities, many students are all in.

West Virginia’s Huntington East Middle School, however, is trying something different.

Instead of a typical suspension where the child is sent home, parents of students whose offenses don’t involve violence or verbal abuse are invited to spend the day at school, right by their child’s side. It’s not a requirement, but Principal Frank Barnett told WOWK-TV that over 30 families have opted to try the reverse suspension this year alone.

If you think this ingenious combination of instant accountability and middle-school embarrassment might work to straighten some kids up, you’d be correct. According to Barnett, student suspensions have been reduced by two thirds and bad behavior incidents have been reduced by more than half.

After a reverse suspension with his mother last year, student Justin Young has officially been scared straight, telling WOWK-TV, “I was suspended multiple times last year. But this year I’ve cut it down and I haven’t been suspended once.”

Watch WOWK-TV’s report below:

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