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Those who remember Bob Hope aren’t going to like ‘rebranding project’ that takes his name off airport

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Bob Hope is an American legend who devoted much of his life to bringing joy to military servicemen through his USO tours.

But that wasn’t enough to keep his name on the California airport that beared his name.

The airport will be renamed the Hollywood Burbank Airport because Hope’s name wasn’t helping to brand the airport to travel agencies and tourists.

“Bob Hope isn’t doing it. The name of the airport — Bob Hope — is just not,” airport commissioner Don Brown told the Los Angeles Times. “We’ve been told by our travel agencies here and been told by the airlines that we’ve got to do something, and the name Bob Hope just doesn’t identify with this airport.”

The airport does have flights coming in from Jet Blue, United, Delta, Southwest and American but Hope died 13 years ago and his name simply wasn’t registering with younger travellers.

Commissioner Steve Madison, however, disagreed with the name change, but not for sentimental reasons.

“The problem this is all trying to solve is that many people in the country and beyond don’t know that Burbank is so [close] to L.A.” He added, “If we want to cure that, adding a name like Hollywood is just going to be more confusing. I think we have to bite the bullet and use Los Angeles and Burbank,” he told the Times.

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