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Guy paying with welfare at Walmart schooled by fed-up mom who confronts him in heated exchange

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A fed-up woman in line at Walmart couldn’t keep silent anymore.

She calmly confronted a young, seemingly able-bodied man using food stamps to make his purchases in front of her.

When she nailed him on the concept of personal responsibility, he countered, “I put in 50 to 60 hour weeks. I’m trying to provide for my family.”

“You’re not providing for it, I am!” she fired back “The government is! They take it out of my check – bullshit they don’t!”

The man suggested that if she doesn’t like it she should take it up with her congressmen and senators.

When she continued, the guy responded, in front of kids who were present, “shut the f**k up.”

“I don’t have to! It’s a free country, remember?” she fired back, adding that Democratic lawmakers “give it to you so that you vote that way, I’m not stupid.”

Twice he repeated, she should vote Republican if she doesn’t like it.

The exchange continued with the man admitting that he was taking advantage of the system. “Who wouldn’t?” he asked.

“Mind your own f**king business,” he added, unsuccessfully trying to shut her down.

It all came down to one important conclusion, summarized by his final thought.

“Well, until you vote Republican and get them out of there,” he said, “deal with it, bitch.”

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Watch the exchange. WARNING: Strong language.


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