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Video: ‘Are you Canadian?’ Cruz surrounded, heckled by Trump supporters

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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz found himself surrounded by Donald Trump supporters in Indiana who interrupted and challenged him repeatedly.

As Cruz attempted to speak to the crowd, one heckler interrupting the Texas senator got his complete attention in the crowd of Trump supporters Monday, according to Fox News.

The man, holding a Trump sign and standing just feet away from the candidate, yelled “Lyin’ Ted” to his face as Cruz tried to offer facts to counter Trump’s immigration stance.

“Civilized people don’t just scream and yell at each other,” Cruz calmly told the man. “I’m not yelling at you.”

“You are the problem, politician,” the man responded to Cruz, while another in the background yelled that “career politicians” will kill America. Cruz told the man that Trump hired foreign workers instead of Americans and was deceiving voters.

“Sir, with all respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump,” he said.

“America is a better country,” Cruz began, and the man interjected “without you.” The GOP candidate continued, saying Americans should ask themselves a question. To which the man replied, “Are you Canadian?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow. Indiana don’t want you,” the man told Cruz, who told him he was entitled to his opinion.

Cruz appeared unruffled and tried to address every comment the man fired at him.

“Sir, I respect your right to speak but I’m also going to say, in America, we are a nation that is better than anger, and insults and cursing and rage,” Cruz said.

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Video from Fox News.



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