What Sheriff Arpaio just did to buy ammo for posse program will have you cheering loudly

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Many law enforcement agencies buy back guns from the public — Sheriff Joe did the exact opposite.

Late last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he sold off the guns that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has seized over the years.

He’ll in turn use funds generated from the sales to provide ammunition and equipment for his volunteer force of posse members, and increase the posse program from 350 to 1,000.

“My posse responds to situations that could be life-threatening,” Arpaio in a statement posted to his office’s Facebook page. “They need to be ready to protect themselves, the deputies they are supporting, and any innocent bystanders in potentially violent situations.”

He said that the sales resulted in more than $300,000.

“I’m buying over 500 cases of ammunition to help arm our volunteer posse,” he said. “I want to get that posse up to 1,000.”

That action sounds like a win-win. The county can beef up its posse program and the public got a chance to purchase weapons for their own self-defense at a used price.

Those agencies that have buy-back programs to “get guns off the street” would have to use taxpayer funds to do so.

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Watch the clip, via Facebook.

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