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Bono criticizes modern Christian music, but his bold message has many people clapping their hands

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U2 frontman Bono thinks today’s Christian music is lacking something.

Namely the passion of the Psalms.

“The psalmist is brutally honest about the explosive joy that he’s feeling, and the deep sorrow or confusion, and it’s that that sets the Psalms apart for me,” Bono told Fuller Theological Seminary, who enlisted him and author Eugene H. Peterson to get people more interested in reading Psalms. “And I often think, ‘Gosh, why isn’t church music more like that?’”

And he may have a point, as the Psalms are among the most searched for Bible verses on the Internet.

According to Christianity Today 22 of the most searched Bible verses in 2015 were from the Book of Psalms.

Bible Gateway
Popularity of Bible chapters and verses in 2015 from Bible Gateway via Christianity Today.
Bible Verses On Twitter
Photo credit Christianity Today.

It was also the most popular book chosen by Bible readers last year, according to Andy Rau, the content manager of Bible Gateway.

“I would love if this conversation would inspire people who are writing these beautiful gospel songs to write a song about their bad marriage, write a song about how they’re pissed off at the government. Because that’s what God wants from you—that truth,” Bono said as he sat alongside Peterson. “That truthfulness … will blow things apart. Why I’m suspicious about Christians is because of this lack of realism, and I’d love to see more of that in art, and in life, and in music.”

Watch the entire conversation below.

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