Liberal logic! These cities are actually paying criminals not to kill with taxpayer dollars

To reduce violent crime in some of the most liberal and deadly cities in the country, local officials are incentivizing criminals with tax dollars.

Cruz campaign uses Trump to pull fast one for April Fools

On Friday April 1, the Ted Cruz campaign announced that Donald Trump…

Sanders’ logo brilliantly used in STD campaign; ‘They know their target audience’

A new billboard that popped up in Los Angeles may have a similar look and color to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign logo, but the message is entirely different.

Germany to spend whopping $200m to protect migrant women, children in refugee camps

Rather than spending tax dollars to protect its own citizens, Germany plans to funnel a massive amount of money into protecting Muslim migrants from sexual assault.

Black Lives Matter ‘victim’ kicked off plane throws most dramatic hissy fit you’ll ever see

When all else fails, play the victim.

Renunciation of GOP pledge could cost Trump 50 delegates; supporters say hogwash

By renouncing the loyalty oath Donald Trump made that he would support whatever presidential candidate the Republican Party nominates, the GOP front-runner may be giving up fifty of the delegates he’s already won.

Trump confident RNC won’t change convention rules after ‘unity’ meeting

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump described his meeting Thursday with GOP national officials as “terrific,” with it being focused on party “unity.”

‘Muslim’ woman claimed she was slashed, called a terrorist admits whole thing a hoax

A woman who said she was the victim of a Muslim hate crime has now admitted that she staged and faked the whole thing.

Hannity offers Cruz full hour on show; defends himself against attacks he’s biased for Trump

Amid criticism that he has been unfairly giving GOP front-runner Donald Trump disproportionate airtime compared to other candidates, Fox News host Sean Hannity defended himself.

Playboy Playmate comes out of conservative closet; announces pick for president

While Playboy Playmates may not be regarded as models of conservative values, one former playmate has stepped out to support…

Americans who can do basic math should stand with Trump on NATO

The United States, essentially a broke nation, is currently spending twice as much on NATO as the second largest spending country to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars … and for what? So Europe can cut defense spending and foot the bill for their ginormous welfare state?

This kid says he was attacked for supporting Trump; here’s how he’s treated…

A kid named Emanuel claimed he was beaten in a school bathroom for supporting Donald Trump.