‘Clown’ Obama flashes peace sign for world leaders photo at nuclear summit; see reaction

It’s something you’d expect to see during a high school class picture.

Rove says to beat Hillary, GOP should nominate ‘fresh face’ – ditch Trump, Cruz, and Kasich

Karl Rove thinks the Republican Party might be better off with a nominee for president that isn’t even running.

Warning backfires: Scotland police threaten to come to your house if you tweet anything mean

It’s a glimpse of what America could become if liberals appoint another Supreme Court justice who could distort the First Amendment.

Rand Paul softens to Trump: ‘We never get the candidate we exactly want . . . ‘

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Obama’s SCOTUS pick claimed video cause of Benghazi long after disproven

During a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) hearing held four months after the terrorist attack on the American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, President Obama’s appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court claimed it was the anti-Muslim Internet video that sparked the attack.

Hilarious: Esurance April Fool’s ad offers ‘election insurance’ for disgruntled citizens fleeing US

April 1 marks April Fools Day: A day not only set aside to honor atheists, but also to play practical jokes on one another, and it’s especially fun when corporate America gets into the act as Esurance did with its latest ad.

Unbelievable ‘Babes for Trump’ campaign taking social media by storm

The Twitter and Instagram account that calls itself “Babes For Trump” has been publishing photos…

Censorship or glitch? Words ‘Islamic terrorism’ disappear from presidential discussion

It is well known that the Obama administration does not classify Islamic terrorism as a being “Islamic.” And the White House just took that position a step further.

Tragic: Migrants arrested for gang-raping girl on Swedish high school cruise

The wave of sexual assaults occurring across Europe is now being taken to the sea.

Parody? April Fools? No one can believe what Obama just said about Iran Deal

Despite all evidence to the contrary, President Obama praised the nuclear deal with Iran as a success on Friday, leading many to ask if his comments were just an April Fool’s joke.

Anti-Trump protester completely wigs out on supporter; face plants himself doing backflip

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Tantaros warns Trump walked into Hillary’s ‘gender war trap’ on abortion blunder

After Donald Trump made a remark about criminalizing abortion, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros said the GOP front-runner walked right into Hillary Clinton’s gender war trap.