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Not only does Earnest refuse to condemn John Boehner’s ‘Lucifer’ comment, he seems to agree

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There is no high road for the highest office in the land these days.

John Boehner‘s friends at the White House said he was just being “honest” when calling Ted CruzLucifer in the flesh.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked by CNN’s Michelle Kosinski if he thought Boehner’s remarks were “helpful” and if President Obama agreed with that statement or not.

“Obviously, Speaker Boehner was speaking based on his own experience,” Earnest responded. “I don’t know that he was looking to be helpful or harmful, I think he was just looking to be honest about his own view.”

Kosinski pressed on and asked if Boehner crossed a line with his remarks about the Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful.

“I think if you are looking for somebody to come to the defense of one Republican who’s being attacked by another, you should probably ask somebody else,” Earnest said bluntly.

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