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Trump put on the spot! Would he consider Greta Van Susteren for his presidential cabinet?

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A voter’s question at a town hall gave Donald Trump an idea for a future presidential cabinet position.

A woman at the Fox News “On the Record” Town Hall on Wednesday asked the GOP front-runner if he would consider Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren for a position on his cabinet if he becomes president.

“Mr. Trump, it was brought to my attention, ‘On the Record,’ with Greta, the amount of wasteful spending in the government, and the lack of accountability, and my question is what will you do about that, and would you consider a woman who is very informed, caring and smart like Greta as part of your cabinet?” the woman asked.

Trump’s immediate reply drew applause from the audience.

“That is not a bad idea, she would be excellent,” he said. Van Susteren, who was moderating the event, laughed at suggestion.

“I think more than an hour with me would be enough for Donald,” she said. “I think it’s about as much as he can take.”

“The truth is, she’s doing so well, I’m not sure she’d want it,” Trump added, before launching into his response to the question on wasteful spending by the government.

“We have waste, fraud and abuse,” Trump said, noting that the easiest way to correct the spending problem in government is by “cutting.”

“Things cost twice as much as they were supposed to cost, three times as much — not supposed to happen that way. Won’t happen that way with the right contractors, frankly, with people knowing how to negotiate a contract.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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