Chilling racist drawing called ‘hate crime’ at university, then police track down who did it

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This is a story about the boy who cried wolf, only to be excused when it was later discovered that the boy IS the wolf.

Social justice warriors at Salisbury University, in Salisbury, Maryland, were up in arms after a crude stick figure drawing depicting a hanging was found on the school library’s whiteboard.

The drawing included the “n-word” with an arrow pointed at the stick figure, along with a “#whitepower” hashtag.

*Caution: Disturbing Content

Salisbury University police launched a hate crime investigation, but the intensity of that probe ebbed considerably when it was learned that two black students were responsible for the despicable artwork, according to the Delmarva Daily Times.

The newspaper said school spokesman Richard Culver confirmed in an email that the students involved in the hoax were black, although their names were not provided.

The discovery resulted in authorities deciding the hate crime was NOT a hate crime after all.

Culver said the Salisbury University Police Department completed its investigation and decided to not file criminal charges at this time. The Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office was said to have been consulted in the decision.

Nothing to see here, move along folks.

Law enforcement turned the investigation over to Salisbury University, which will review school policy to see if there have been any violations, Culver added.

“Regardless of who created the drawing, we find such actions demeaning to all members of the campus community and against our core values,” Dane Foust, vice president of Student Affairs, said in a statement provided by Culver.

Perhaps a lesson to be learned here is that hoaxes like this occur because left-wing causes are given so much attention at universities — it’s an easy call for attention. The sad result is, much like Aesop’s fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” that real discrimination is taken less seriously.

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Tom Tillison


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