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Dems panic as union workers support Trump over Hillary and Bernie COMBINED

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There’s trouble in paradise for Democrat union bosses.

For GOP front-runner Donald Trump, workers affiliated with unions are a potential voting bloc that could get behind him, something uncommon for a republican nominee.

In a recent survey conducted by one of the country’s biggest unions, the AFL-CIO, Trump is the most favored candidate among union workers with 300 out of 800 saying the New York business mogul was their presidential pick, according to the Guardian.

Compare that to Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt numbers with union workers and it turns out that Trump beats both candidates even when their support is combined.

Only about 174 union workers in the survey chose Clinton as their presidential choice, while even less, just 95, chose Sanders.

“While most of Trump’s support comes from the staunch Republican base, one in four Democrats who chose a candidate showed a preference for Trump,” the AFL-CIO report found.

A majority of Trump’s union supporter said they preferred his blunt commentary and ‘tell it like it is’ attitude, rather than his position on trade.

Union leaders have no intention of letting the voters make up their own mind, however. That would be crazy. The Guardian reported:

In the coming months, the AFL-CIO, which has not endorsed a candidate in the primary but has encouraged members to support the Democratic nominee, will launch digital attack ads against Trump and will ramp up its door-knocking campaign. The Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed Clinton, has organized phone banks for her nationwide, including most recently in Pennsylvania in the hope of getting out the vote on behalf of Democrats.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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