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A jaw-dropping new chart confirms the worst possible news for Republican candidate Ted Cruz

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After experiencing a drubbing Tuesday in the so-called “Acela primary,” losing all five northeastern states to rival Donald Trump, Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz turned his attentions out west where a number of upcoming primaries should be more friendly toward him.

But is it now an exercise in futility?

With Trump grabbing the lion’s share of delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, Cruz is now mathematically eliminated from reaching the 1237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination — though technically speaking, that possibility was nixed after Trump’s win last week in New York, a few unbound delegates notwithstanding.

The Trump-friendly news aggregate Drudge Report wasted no time seizing on Cruz’s misfortunes:


The Gateway Pundit, another conservative website partial to Trump posted a chart for number crunchers that shows Cruz needing 677 delegates to reach 1237, with only 622 delegates now remaining:

Photo source Gateway Pundit

All of which means Cruz is now looking at an open convention as his pathway to the GOP nomination and he’s pushing on, hoping to prevail on a second or third ballot.

Speaking before Tuesday’s results were in, the Texas senator referred to his rival Trump as “the media’s chosen candidate,” and vowed to push on, saying he is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

“Tonight, Donald Trump is expected to have a good night,” he said. “He’s likely to win some states and the media is going to have heart palpitations this evening. And the media is going to say the race is over. The media is going to say Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.”

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