Cruz, Kasich alliance may backfire; fed-up voters switching to TRUMP

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Could the Cruz, Kasich deal to stop Trump be heading for disaster?

Republican presidential contenders Ted Cruz and John Kasich rocked social media with the news of an alliance aimed to stop Trump from reaching the amount of delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination.

The Cruz campaign announced it would be focusing on winning the Indiana primary, while Kasich would be working Oregon and New Mexico.

The sudden alliance didn’t sit well with many folks, and backlash had spread like wildfire throughout social media on Monday. Trump was front and center in the media bashing what he called the “collusion” between his rivals.

But resentment over the deal didn’t end there. MSNBC was on the ground in Indiana and reported that Kasich voters were switching to Trump instead of Cruz because of the alliance.

“I got to vote for the guy, not the game,” one Kasich voter told MSNBC who wouldn’t change his vote.

MSNBC also reported they spoke to several voters who would be changing their votes from Kasich to Trump because they were so turned by the deal.

A Washington Post reporter also found newly minted Trump supporters because of the deal:

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