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Comedian UNLOADS unfiltered on rude young ‘liberal fruitcakes’ in one jawdropping epic rant- it ROCKS!

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Only a few moments into his opening remarks at a University of Massachusetts event, comedian Steven Crowder blasted leftist protesters who interrupted his material.

Crowder shredded the “social justice warriors” in an epic rant at the college event titled, “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far,” on Monday.

“Do you have any idea, sir, how pathetic it must be to be you?” Crowder said after some “liberal fruitcakes” booed him and guests, conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos and former philosophy professor Christina Marie Hoff Sommers.

“These people wanted to hear a few jokes, some thoughtful discussion,” Crowder said,  “but your head pops off the pillow in the morning with, ‘How can I be a professional victim today?’ Let me go in and screw with their act just because, oh my god, your parents didn’t tell you that your opinion wasn’t worth that much.”

“I’m not your gender studies professor who has to cater to your trigger warning, microagression, safe space bulls**t,” he continued.

The verbal smack-down lasted nearly five minutes as Crowder told the hecklers, “you created this monster.”

“Oh, I’m a racist?” Crowder mocked one protester. “That’s a new one. Where’d you learn that, in social human studies 101?”

Crowder slammed the critics for not waiting for the question and answer session, accusing them of being rude and  rehashing opinions.”These opinions you’re yelling out? They’re not even your opinions,” he pointed out. “They’re the opinions from your gender-studies professor.”

“You’re not fighting for free speech, you’re not fighting for rights — you’re fighting for the right to be a p***y and not hear opinions that you don’t like,” Crowder accused, as others in the audience cheered.

(Warning: strong language.)

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