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As a white person, Hillary ‘has a duty’ to talk to you about racism – right after she kicks BLM activists out

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Hillary Clinton just said it’s her duty as a white person to speak out on the issue of racism.

But there’s one problem – her comment came the same day a Black Lives Matter activist was reportedly denied access to her campaign event. And, that little piece of information didn’t go unnoticed.

Social Justice Warrior and professional provocateur Shaun King tweeted video of the incident where a white guy wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt was not allowed into the Hillary event.

The young man who was denied entry repeatedly tells security that he believes he’s not being let in because of his shirt. While security never admits that is the reason, it is a reasonable assumption due to the many rallies that have been interrupted by yelling BLM activists.

The Democrat frontrunner is clearly in a no-win situation. It’s a good thing for Hillary that she has a rigged delegate system on her side, since she’s not seeing much support on the ground level.

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Many folks called out Hillary for her relentless pandering.


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