Officer Jeffrey Heffernan
New Jersey cop wins Supreme Court battle in free speech case

A New Jersey cop won a Supreme Court battle Tuesday allowing him to bring a suit against the city of Paterson.

As a white person, Hillary ‘has a duty’ to talk to you about racism – right after she kicks BLM activists out

Hillary Clinton just said it’s her duty as a white person …

Guy sues restaurant over $2.25 cup of soup; here’s what he wants . . .

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning blast HERE A Texas lawyer seems bound and determined to keep negative lawyer jokes alive by pushing […]

Texas sheriff candidate: Any man in bathroom with my girls ‘will then identify as John Doe’

Texas candidate for sheriff added fuel to the fire in the transgender bathroom debate.

bathroom policy target1
Shocking undercover video shows how Target REALLY feels about men in girls bathrooms

One person demonstrated just how far Target department stores will take it’s new gender-neutral bathroom policy.

Watch Hillary have tantrum while Maddow laughs at her: ‘But, I am ahead . . . I am way ahead, I am!

Hillary Clinton gets no respect.

Cruz’s bad day gets worse, Texas Democrats file complaint with FEC for violating election law

First, it looks like Cruz’s “backroom deal” with John Kasich may be going up in smoke and now this?

Major court ruling in Colorado is terrible blow for every Christian in America

The Colorado Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal . . .

Comedian UNLOADS unfiltered on rude young ‘liberal fruitcakes’ in one jawdropping epic rant- it ROCKS!

Comedian Steven Crowder blasted leftist protesters who interrupted his material.

Whoops! Alliance plan cracks, Kasich has problem in Oregon – did he just get played by Cruz?

After Ted Cruz gave John Kasich free rein in Oregon. the Ohio governor may be throwing it all away.

Harry Reid’s pretty mad at senator for ‘encouraging FBI’ to leak damning details on Hillary

When Harry Reid blew a gasket Monday over a comment a fellow senator had made Friday, it was the pot calling the kettle black.

Rudy Giuliani tears into Cruz, Kasich for ‘backroom deal’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks Donald Trump is the GOP nominee now and it’s time to stop the fighting.

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