Republican congressman exposes one of Congress’ dirty little secrets on ’60 Minutes’

A Republican congressman has taken the brave step of calling on his fellow legislators to stop raising money for themselves and start working on addressing the issues that affect Americans.

Congressman David Jolly, FL-13 appeared on CBS’ 60 MINUTES on Sunday to expose the”shameful” dialing for dollars practice that Congress members are participating in for hours a day..

Jolly said, as a member of Congress, entire schedules work around making time to fundraise, in his case $18,000 per day,  for their reelection campaign.

The 60 MINUTES story highlighted the amount of time members spend on the phone instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

In January Jolly announced the Stop Act (H.R. 4443), legislation that would ban members from personally asking for money.

“Republicans, Democrats and Independents can all agree on one thing – the public did not elect Members of Congress to go to Washington and spend their time raising money for their re-election,” Jolly said. “They are not paying members $174,000 a year to spend, in some cases 20 or 30 hours a week, on the phone dialing for dollars. But that is exactly what is happening.”

Jolly says the Stop Act is a Congressional reform that can change the culture of Washington, forcing members to put down the phone and get back to solving this nation’s most pressing problems.

Jolly is also urging the public to call their U.S. Representative to have them support the Stop Act.

“For years Members of Congress have been calling you. Tomorrow, call them. Tell them to cosponsor the Stop Act,” Jolly said.

“Sometimes the simplest reforms can make the greatest impact. The Stop Act is simple and its impact could change Washington forever,” he added.


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