Anyone who thinks Trump can’t beat Hillary isn’t paying attention to scared Dems – listen to this . . .

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Hillary Clinton better be in fear of facing Donald Trump in the general election.

That’s what Mary Anne Marsh of the Democratic public affairs consulting firm the Dewey Square Firm told Fox News on Sunday.

“I’ve consistently said throughout the analysis of this race that I would not want to run against Donald Trump because I think he’s the most dangerous candidate. Give me Ted Cruz, give me John Kasich, give me any of the vanquished they’re traditional politicians, easy to beat. And, Ted Cruz, in particular, way outside the mainstream,” she said.

“Donald Trump, when you look from what he said the other day about the gender bill and using the bathrooms, it proves that point because he knows how to appeal to not only Libertarians but to Independents who support that, too,” she continued. “So he will be a very, very tough candidate to face in a general election. I think it will be one of the closest elections we see since 2000.”

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Carmine Sabia


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