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Dad takes daughter to Target to confront manager about bathroom policy; what he does next goes viral

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Target’s ill-advised decision to allow men in women’s restrooms has already cost them more then they may have bargained for. For starters, the American Family Association has already amassed over 200,000 signatures in their boycott of the store, and figures to add many more considering those came in ONE DAY.

That could be a drop in the bucket, if Izzy Avraham has his way. Avraham took his six-year-old daughter to Target on Thursday, talked to the manager about their “weird” bathroom policy, and wrote about the experience on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The post went viral, with over 65,000 likes, 34,000 shares, and 12,000 comments at the time of this writing.

His story is so compelling because it’s the story of any Dad who wants to protect his daughter.

Read his post here:

Tirzah and I went to #Target this morning.

I explained to her on the way how some men think they’re women and wear dresses and makeup and want to use the women’s washrooms instead of the men’s. I asked her what she thought of that. She said, “That’s weird.” And was quiet for abit. Then she said, “If a man walked into the women’s washroom I’d fight him until he got out!”

We kept talking and I ex… See More

Laura Heller at Forbes sees things differently. According to Heller, “Conservative groups can call for boycotts all they want, it’s unlikely that Target will lose much business. Quite the opposite. History has proven that companies that come down on the side of inclusion, not exclusion, profit.”

Heller continues, “Being inclusive is simply good business, particularly for a company such as Target. Target operates 1,800 stores, many of them in large urban markets. Its growth plan, in fact, is rooted in new urban stores and on college campuses — markets that tend to rally around traditional left-leaning causes. But those causes are no longer those just for the left and have been adopted by more mainstream Americans.”

Target has always been on the left side of social causes, but have they finally jumped the shark for good? Will #byetarget cost them financially? Will the rabid social justice warriors who control the company even care if it does?

Only time will tell.


Scott Morefield


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