Libs forgot Harriet Tubman was a gun-toting Republican; what will they do now?

For once, last week President Obama may have done something right.

‘Make believe is so much fun!’ Kasich gets brutally trolled after confirming he’s vetting VP picks

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE Ohio Gov. John Kasich is leaving Twitter users stunned. Kasich confirmed on CBS News that […]

trump screen shot
‘The Forehead Tattoo’: Media so obsessed, Trump’s hand gestures are given names

The media fixation on Donald Trump is so complete that it includes naming the various hand gestures the Republican presidential front-runner uses while speaking to supporters.

Target forced to respond to angry backlash – did that just make it worse?

Target may be finding that allowing men into women’s bathrooms might not be good for business.

Man threatens to ‘bomb the Trump rally,’ sees justice when cops track him down

This guy definitely got what was coming to him.

Trump Jr says GOP establishment would rather Hillary than his dad, here’s why he may have a point

Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t have a lot of faith in the GOP establishment.

Citizenship process suspended for Muslim family after boys refused to shake hands with female teacher

One European country is taking a no-nonsense approach to Muslim immigration: Assimilate or leave.

Wallace dumbfounded by DWS spin: Others used email ‘same way’ – you know – ‘other than private server’

Nice try, congresswoman, but no cigar.

‘Tiger whisperer’ killed by deadly animal violated zoo policy, put herself in danger

The Florida zookeeper who was mauled to death by a Tiger violated zoo policy that led to her demise.

Actress Rosario Dawson burns Hillary: ‘I’m with Monica Lewinsky’

Actress Rosario Dawson set the Internet ablaze after she invoked the name of Monica Lewinsky while stumping for Bernie Sanders.

Beyonce gives Black Lives Matters movement a huge new boost

Likely pleased with all the attention her controversial Super Bowl halftime performance garnered, pop star Beyoncé doubled down on the Black Lives Matter theme in her new album.

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Obama seeks to make it easier for black and Latino criminals to find federal employment

In Saturday’s weekly radio address, President Barack Obama turned his attention once again to building a fairer and more equitable criminal justice system, to include making it easier for those with a criminal history to find federal employment.