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Sheriff Clarke: ‘Still trying to get my head around’ Hillary embracing gangs – she’s ‘totally disconnected’

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Hillary Clinton for being out of touch with the reality of life in urban communities.

Clarke was reacting to Clinton’s remarks in Connecticut Friday about gang violence and the need for “positive gangs” for urban youth. “I’m still trying to get my head around this,” Clarke said referring to Clinton’s statement that “joining a gang is like having a family.”

“Clinton is totally disconnected from life in the black community,” he said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Friday. “She has such a misperception about our intelligence level. She thinks we’re some lower form of intelligence to think, because we don’t have a family experience, we should join a gang. I mean, that is preposterous.”

Clinton should have suggested positive alternatives like churches, boys and girls clubs and scouts instead of embracing the gang culture, Clarke said.

“That is dysfunctional culture — gang activity,” he said. “And for her to sit up there and embrace this as if it’s something that’s socially acceptable in the black community? This stuff ought to be rejected out of hand. It ought to be shunned and shamed by the black community.”

Clarke blasted the Democratic presidential front-runner for not owning up to “failed liberal urban policies” that he said are responsible for the breakdown of the family unit.

“She should have brought that up and said, ‘We gotta change these policies, so we can help the black community reconstruct that family experience, so kids can make better lifestyle choices,'” Clarke said.

Watch the discussion in the video below and see Clarke condemn Clinton’s great “idea” in a series of Twitter posts.

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