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University official tries shutting down reporters over ‘safe spaces’; calls police who shut HER down instead

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Remember Mizzou professor Melissa Click? Turns out there’s a lot more where she came from.

When the media showed up to American University yesterday to film protests and attend conservative provocateur Milo Yinnapolous’s speech to students, they were apparently told that they had to stop filming and go inside because of “safe spaces.”

Take a look at video from the Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow who was told that if she didn’t stop filming, the university would call the police:

Schow told Twitter followers that the administrator was telling the media that they had to stop filming the protests and go inside with her.

Another video of the administrator shows her lecturing the media about their limitations of where they can go due to “safe spaces” across the campus for students: 

Schow said on Twitter that the American University administrator was a “media relations person who hassled my film crew.”

But when the police were called over by the university official, Schow and her camera crew ended up getting sweet justice. 

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