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John Stossel kept hearing how tough it was to get gun permit in NY, so he decided to see for himself

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Yep, it’s as tough as everyone says!

Fox Business Network host John Stossel tried his level best to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York City a few years back. It turned out he was going about it all wrong — he should have tried bribing the city official.

He jumped through all the hoops the Big Apple throws at law-abiding citizens who merely want to protect themselves, including filling out a 17-page application in which he has to declare he knows about weapons other than handguns, such as a gravity knife, a switch blade knife and a kung fu star.

“I don’t want a kung fu star,” he said. “I just want a gun, for safety.”

Because of Stossel’s conservative, pro-free market views, he’s sometimes threatened.

“Some said I should be shot in the face,” he said. “So when I travel around town I’d like to have the option of protecting myself.”

He also observed that many crimes come to an abrubt halt because the victim is armed.

New York made history in January when it went a whole 17 hours into the new year without a murder. Newly-engaged Joceline Romo was beaten to a bloody pulp by the person she should have been able to trust the most — her fiancée, Fabina Maliza.

Had she had a weapon in her purse, she would have been the one alive today.

After many phone calls to the police and hours of work, Stossel completed the form and submitted it to the police, where he was fingerprinted and charged $430.

Eight and-a-half months later Stossel’s application was rejected, but he was told he could keep a gun in his apartment.

“But I feel safe in my apartment,” he said.

On Monday, the FBI made news when they alleged in federal court that New York City police were pocketing cash to provide concealed carry permits.

The New York Post reported:

Court papers say Lichtenstein was secretly recorded last week bragging about how he had secured 150 gun licenses through his connections in the division but needed a new hookup there following a crackdown.

He then offered a whistleblowing cop $6,000 a pop to continue the scheme, using a calculator to show that another 150 permits would be worth $900,000 in payoffs, court papers say.

Lichtenstein said his arrangement had been derailed by the License Division’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Michael Endall, for fear that people would think Endall “had his hand in the cookie pot,” according to the feds.


Apparently Stossel didn’t know about the scheme — and the young, newly-betrothed woman who made news by becoming New York’s first murder victim of 2016 probably didn’t have the cash.

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