Chelsea Clinton says with Scalia gone, gun control is on its way

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning blast HERE Gun control fanaticism must run in the Clinton family. During a Hillary Clinton campaign event, […]

London mayor says Obama has ‘ancestral dislike’ of British Empire, wants him to butt out of UK affairs

President Obama is sticking his nose where it’s not wanted.

NBA commish asked if All-Star game held in NC despite transgender law, his answer disappoints…

A left-wing mob has demanded that the game be moved…

RNC chair says nomination won’t be ‘handed’ to anyone; must have all 1,237 delegates

The Republican National Committee isn’t letting up on Donald Trump.

Awkward! CNN’s Costello shares a little too much personal information remembering Prince

That awkward moment when someone shares too much personal information.

John Stossel kept hearing how tough it was to get gun permit in NY, so he decided to see for himself

Yep, it’s as tough as everyone says!

University official tries shutting down reporters over ‘safe spaces’; calls police who shut HER down instead

Remember Mizzou professor Melissa Click? Turns out there’s a lot more where she came from. When the media showed up to American University yesterday to film protests and […]

When Washington man sees Trump bumper sticker, his reaction is ‘slightly’ over-the-top

One man learned the hard way just how divisive the 2016 presidential season is becoming.

GOP lawmaker has blistering message for Target following ‘insane’ bathroom policy

This particular GOP lawmaker isn’t having anything to do with Target’s new bathroom policy.

Trump gives Cruz same advice Cruz gave Kasich when he was mathematically eliminated — ‘they should BOTH drop out’

Sean Hannity played Donald Trump an interview Ted Cruz gave on March 23rd after it was evident John Kasich couldn’t win enough delegates…

O’Reilly claims there’s ‘only one choice’ for VP if Trump wants ultimate victory

Bill O’Reilly believes he knows who Donald Trump should pick as his running mate to ride to presidential victory.

Libs unleash hive mind of hate when controversial conservative pays tribute to Prince

You can’t have him, he’s mine!

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