A half-naked woman falls three stories from a burning building, but the crowd did more than gawk…

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The smoke had gotten too much and she was forced to jump from the fourth flour…

A woman who narrowly escaped a burning building is lucky to be alive.

Astounding footage from Cedeira, Spain shows a half-naked woman dangling outside a third story window before losing her grip and plunging to the ground.

Putting away cell phones and fears of possible lawsuits, quick-thinking bystanders sprang into action, organizing an impromptu rescue effort using a stretched blanket to help break her fall.

It worked.

But not before the woman bounced off the side of the building on the way down. Amazingly, she is seen being helped to her feet immediately after impact.

The woman was released from the hospital later that day with bumps and bruises.

The woman’s husband was walking the couple’s dogs when the fire broke out, according to the New York Post. He was reported to have been one of the hero blanket holders.

Watch the footage below, but be warned, some viewers might find the fall disturbing.

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